Michelle Hiscock: Solo Exhibition - Art Collector

Michelle Hiscock, Adriane, 2012. Oil on board, 20 x 15cm. Courtesy: the artist and Australian Galleries

Michelle Hiscock’s landscape paintings have always been poetic. Her recent development, after several years of drawing and painting from life, has brought an increasing element of observed reality and immediacy into the imaginative synthesis of her paintings. Often on a paradoxically small scale, Hiscock creates refined yet dramatic compositions that presents us with a contemporary understanding and interpretation of the great tradition of classical landscape.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Tuesday 13 October 2015
Exhibition closes: 1 November 2015
Location: Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021
Contact: 02 9360 5177
Email: enquiries@australiangalleries.com.au
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