Mike Chavez: Apocalypse Wow - Art Collector

Mike Chavez, Charlie's Point, 2012. Screenprint, 150 x 100cm. Courtesy: the artist and Gallerysmith, Melbourne

Mike Chavez remembers being transfixed by movie posters of Francis Ford Coppola’s epic Hollywood classic Apocalypse Now when he was a child. As a film student, he was taken by the film's powerful narrative and haunting imagery. More recently as an artist, he became fascinated by the movie as a parable for United States led military interventions in other parts of the world.

Chavez's new exhibition
Apocalypse Wow looks at the influence of Western culture on this small island archipelago since the film crews arrived there in the late 60s. By juxtaposing images from the developed and developing world, he exposes the negative impact of mass consumption, the effect of western aspiration, and the smokescreen of Hollywood glamour.

Opening: 6pm Friday 17 May 2013
Exhibition closes: 15 June 2013
Location: Gallerysmith, 170-174 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Contact: 03 9329 1860
Email: marita@gallerysmith.com.au

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