Mimili Maku Arts - Art Collector

An artwork by Betty Kuntiwa Punami, 2015. Courtesy: the artist and Mimili Maku Arts, Alice Springs

Mimili Maku Arts was formed in 2006. The community of Mimili is located in the far north-west of South Australia at the base of the Everard Ranges on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. The Mimili Community was established in the early 1970s after the land was returned to the traditional owners.

The art centre takes its name from an important song for the Mimili area: maku means witchetty grub and many of the artists paint this tjukurpa.

The art centre works with around 60 artists from the Mimili Community and surrounding areas, primarily Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara language groups. An Aboriginal owned and managed corporation, Mimili Maku Arts drives a strong exhibition program supporting established and emerging artists. With a focus on painting, artists visually represent a deep connection to their land and culture, embodying the beauty of their surroundings in their vibrant paintings.

The artists at Mimili Maku Arts engage in programs supporting language maintenance, awareness and bilingual education.

In recent years, Mimili Maku Artists and directors have established the Mimili Maku Emerging Photography and New Media Program, encouraging young men and women to engage in skills development and artistic outcomes through photography, video and new media. Established artist and chairperson of Mimili Maku Arts Ngupluya Pumani expresses the importance of teaching young Anangu and encouraging intergenerational cultural exchange through the art centre: “Our young people learn from us, this makes our art centre strong and our community strong.”

Mimili Maku Arts continues to build on its success by supporting ethical practice in the sale and promotion of Indigenous Art.

Current artists

  • Betty Kuntiwa Pumani
  • Josina Pumani
  • Judy Martin
  • Kathleen Tjapalyi
  • Linda Puna
  • Margaret Ngilan Dodd
  • Mumu Mike Williams
  • Ngupulya Pumani
  • Pauline Wangin
  • Puna Yanima
  • Robert Fielding
  • Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin
  • Willy Muntjantji Martin
  • Emma Singer
  • Brenita Pumani
  • Anita Pumani
  • Eva Schilling
  • Marina Brown Pumani
  • Nara Tjami

Commercial gallery partners

  • Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
  • Outstation Gallery, Darwin
  • ReDot Fine Art Gallery
  • Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs
  • Tunbridge Gallery, Perth and Margaret River
  • ReDot Fine Art, Singapore
  • Short Street Gallery, Broome

Access information

Visitors are welcome by appointment and will require a permit to enter the APY Lands.

Mimili Maku Arts
PMB 252
Mimili Community
via Alice Springs NT 0872

08 8956 2984