Mira Gojak, Caroline Rothwell & Emma White: Burying Time - Art Collector

Mira Gojak, studio view, 2012. Courtesy: the artist and Breenspace, Sydney.

Emma White once commented that "my practice is where I bury time." This idea of a studio-based practice that is meditative, experimental, time rich and process-based unifies her work with fellow exhibiting artists Mira Gojak and Caroline Rothwell.

The exhibition considers the practice of drawing in the expanded field as a point of departure. Gojak’s sculptures create space rather than mass. They can be read as suspended drawings in space, awkward and tender balancing acts. Rothwell's drawings employ botanical fact along with abstracted elements rendered in black carbon residue from engine exhaust, and White's sculptures playfully undermine the constraints of the artist’s archive and the still life through a series of intricately sculpted polymer clay cataloguing cards.

Opening: 2pm Saturday 19 January 2013
Exhibition closes: 16 February 2013
Location: Breenspace, Level 3, 17-19 Alberta Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: 02 9283 1113
Email: media@breenspace.com

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