Mish Meijers: Double Yolker! - Art Collector

Mish Meijers, ‘Impossible Opera: Night caucus’. Oil on glass, framed, 62.5 x 90.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Bett Gallery, Hobart.

‘Double Yolker!’ touches upon ideas around the Theatre of the Absurd, a post-world-war-two drama movement that emphasised the absurdity of human existence by employing disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless dialogue, confusing situations, and plots that lack realistic or logical development. Meijers’ constructed images and objects for this exhibition merge both world and personal politics with direct references to an idea of Impossible Opera using paintings, ceramics, soft sculpture and video. They are full of the energy of the possible and the impossible and improbable, but they exist in artform. The works are reminders of the choices we have and have not made and have, protagonists and things that make up our own personal theatre, even if they take up the smallest of non-speaking roles. 

Exhibition opens: 5.30–7.30pm Friday 21 September 2018
Exhibition closes:13 October 2018
Location: Bett Gallery, Level 1, 65 Murray St, Hobart TAS
Website: bettgallery.com.au
Phone: +61 3 6231 6511
Email Info@bettgallery.com.au


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