Mitchell Ferrie: Disformia - Art Collector

Mitchell Ferrie, Birthling I, 2016. North Queensland Chillagoe marble, 30 x 30 x 40cm. Courtesy: Palmer Art Projects, Sydney

In the upcoming exhibition at Palmer Art Projects, DISFORMIA, Mitchell Ferrie has created a series of geometrical abstract sculptures in champagne white marble from Chillagoe in northern Queensland, known for its fine white translucent colour and strength.

The series title DISFORMIA is a made-up word, implying a defiance of forced form that more accurately describes the natural process of creating these pieces. In these works Ferrie describes the forming of the sculptures to be evoked and controlled by the shapes of the natural stone itself resulting in a complexity of the faceted works which belies the natural fluidity of the process of their creation and which transcend simple geometry.

In a reversal of the traditional role of the authority, the carver becomes the performer, letting the stone choose its’ own shape and structure, conducting the artist to the finished work resulting in weighty and yet gravity defying sculptural abstractions which demand viewing from all sides - thus creating a light that lands on the form

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm 23 September 2016
Location:Palmer Art Projects Suite 2/82 Queen Street, Woollahra NSW 2025
Contact: 0402568702
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