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Image courtesy: Mossgreen

Melbourne-based auction house and art gallery Mossgreen has announced an exclusive partnership with London-based British art specialist Messum’s.

Launched in early December 2014, the partnership aims to reignite traditional links between the Australian and British art markets.

Having the combined benefit of local expertise and easy access to both art markets, the alliance is also intended to encourage British artists to exhibit in Australia and vice-versa.

The partnership is a result of the friendship of Mossgreen’s managing director Paul Sumner and Messum’s founder Johnny Messum. They share an interest in reinventing the perception and collection of art across their countries. Sumner and Messum share the belief that the distance between the two countries need not be applicable to art collectors.

The partnership has already seen success with an exhibition of British sculpture held at Mossgreen gallery in 2013. This will be followed by an exhibition of works by British sculptor Laurence Edwards in March 2015, the second in an ongoing series of selling exhibitions of British art in Australia, organised by Messum’s and Mossgreen.

Larissa Bricis

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