Moten Lassen: Interaktion - Art Collector

Moten Lassen, Interaktion E. Oil on linen, 150 x 150cm.

Interaktion is an exhibition showcasing the new works of Danish artist Morten Lassen. The juxtaposition of organic Rothkoesque shapes is anchored by intense gridlines, like a matrix tethering and connecting humanity. Lassen embraces technology to link his work to desperate cultures, yet unlike Wikipedia or Google, he doesn't give us all the answers. Ultimately you have to work it out yourself- the (often over looked) ultimate human condition of creative thought is required.

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Thursday 8 March
Exhibition closes: 23 March 2012
Location: Art Equity, Level 6, 16-20 Barrack Street, Sydney 2000
Contact: 02 9262 6660

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