Mungart Boodja Art Centre - Art Collector


Mungart Boodja Art Centre is an Aboriginal artist owned and governed art enterprise that was established in 2006 to facilitate the production and sale of works of art by Noongar artists in West Australia's Great Southern region. As the only Noongar art centre in Australia, Mungart Boodja has developed and supported a new wave of artists and introduced Noongar art into the Aboriginal art market.

Mungart Boodja has adapted the successful, best-practice art centre models from central and northern Australia to best accommodate the circumstances and social logic of Noongar people. The art centre prides itself on the maintenance, transmission and celebration of Noongar culture, creativity and identity, while encouraging the production of high quality works of art.

Mungart Boodja coordinates and facilitates professional arts development programs and workshops for Noongar artists, providing culturally appropriate training, mentoring, and employment opportunities. Ethical marketing and sale of Noongar art is central to the art centre’s practice; ensuring the sustainable exchange of art, while servicing their regional, national and international audiences. The centre aims to build a stable enterprise that represents the artistic, cultural, social and economic aspirations of local artists and community members.

Noongar artists are renowned for their continuation of the lineage of the Carrolup school of painting. Recently a series of renowned Carrulop children's paintings have been repatriated to the Noongar people from Colgate University in the United States. The exhibition of paintings will show in August at John Curtin Gallery, Western Australia.

Currently supporting and working with about 20 artists, Mungart Boodja services the community of Albany, as well as the neighbouring areas of Mt. Barker, Cranbrook, Katanning, and Gnowangerup.

Current artists

  • Alan Kelly
  • Barbara Colbung
  • Ben Pushman
  • Caroline Narkle
  • Charlie Colbung
  • Cheryl-Anne Narkle
  • Edith Penny
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Ezzard Flowers
  • Glenda Williams
  • Heather Blacklock
  • Kelvin “Tjidir” Penny
  • Lance “Tjyllyungoo” Chadd
  • Russell “Moort” Nelly
Mungart Boodja Art Centre
222 Chester Pass Road
Albany NT 6330

Phone:08 9847 4450