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Ashley Lyon, Choir (Gold), 2010-14. Unfired clay, plaster, shoes, 30 x 30 x 30cm. Courtesy: artist and Jane Lombard Gallery, New York

By Jessica Holburn

Summer in New York explodes with group shows. The Transportation Business, curated by Gregory Volk at Jane Lombard Gallery in Chelsea, features work from 16 artists and a poet around the notion of flux and flow, imagination and movement. The sculptures by Ashley Lyon are one of the first to attract the eye at the centre of the front room, with disembodied sturdy female feet, situated on plinths, grounding the curatorial evocation in a fundamental way. Meticulously crafted from unfired clay, plaster and worn out shoes, and inspired by a gospel choir, it is as though the body has left the feet, being elevated and transported into a realm of the ephemeral and spiritual. Artist Matt King also expresses a kind of fanciful flight by way of a bouquet of flowers being tossed off a pier in Russia, a gesture both celebratory and transitory.

The most amusing musings on kinds of flight come from Swiss artist Roman Signer, known for his temporary “sculptures-as-events” of which arrive at the audience through video documentation. In one of Signer’s two video works on display, 56 small remote-controlled helicopters launch simultaneously into the air around a room and gradually fall or malfunction through clumsy collisions. The second video shows Signer with two burning fireworks in his gloved hands, being spun around briefly yet swiftly by their force on a swivel chair, a short lived moment of don’t-do-this-at-home glee. The exhibition is made complete with a takeaway poem connecting notions of traffic, travel, movement and desire, aptly titled How to Look at Mexican Highways by Monica de la Torre.

Thus providing a perfect segue into Team Gallery, which also opened a group exhibition,
BAD BOYS BAIL BONDS ADOPT A HIGHWAY, curated by Amanda Ross-Ho. A group exhibition of sculpture, drawings, photographs, paintings, and video work by 14 Los Angeles based artists and practitioners, the exhibition takes place in both gallery spaces. One location features a very tempting to jump on Trambourine by Sara Clendening, and a sci-fi book jacket sculpture by Erik Frydenborg, and the other location is purveying Paul McCarthy for President limited edition t-shirts by Norm Laich. No shortage of merriment to be had in here.


Jane Lombard Gallery,
The Transportation Business, curated by Gregory Volk, July 1 to August 14, 2015. 518 West 19th St, New York

Team Gallery,
BAD BOYS BAIL BONDS ADOPT A HIGHWAY, curated by Amanda Ross-Ho, June 28 to July 31, 2015. 83 Grand Street, cross streets Wooster and Greene, and at 47 Wooster Street, cross streets Grand and Broome.

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