Myriam Mechita: Roses don’t have hearts, but my eyes will find yours - Art Collector

Myriam Mechita, Dark Paradise (Husband’s Dark), 2016, pencil on paper, 200 x 150 cm. Courtesy of the artist and GAGPROJECTS

Berlin-based French artist Myriam Mechita creates sculptures, installations and drawings that focus on moments of transcendence, orgasm, intoxication, and the overwhelming combination of pleasure and pain. Her work explores the notion of ‘ecstasy’, from the Greek 'ek' (outside) and 'stasis' (standing), together meaning ‘standing outside of oneself’. In this exhibition Mechita presents a series of large-scale drawings and new ceramic work created during her residency at JamFactory, Adelaide.

Exhibition Opens: 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 30 August 2017
Exhibition Closes: 24 September 2017
Location: GAGPROJECTS, 39 Rundle Street, Kent Town, Adelaide, SA 5067
Contact: +61 8 8362 6354
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