Naup Waup: Amam Woven Stories - Art Collector

Naup Waup, Keet Kotup - Pocket Size, 2015. Bark cloth (tapa) bag (bilum) with mixed media, stitching and possum skin, 48 x 18 x 10cm (variable). Courtesy: the artist and Alcaston Gallery

Alcaston Gallery presents Naup Waup and his inaugural exhibition at the gallery, Amam Woven Stories.

This exhibition features a unique selection of hand-crafted bilum bags woven from traditionally used natural materials collected from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia, including bark, possum skin, shells, and emu feathers.

Through a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, Waup creates precious photographic images on tapa cloth, rubbed back and transformed into complex narratives and symbols through the addition of layers of ochre and hand-weaving. Usurping the utilitarian function of the string bag, conventionally used as a container for transport of food and personal items, Waup restages the bilum as an artistic vehicle through which he conveys history, geography, and the rich cultural heritage of the traditional Amam Law.

Naup Waup has exhibited widely throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. His artwork has been acquired by private and public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria.

Exhibition opens: 2-4pm Saturday 13 June 2015
Exhibition closes: 10 July 2015
Location: Alcaston Gallery, 11 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Contact: 03 9418 6444

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