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Ellsworth Kelly, Split Yellow, 2013. Oil on canvas, 132 x 183cm. Courtesy: the artist and Matthew Marks Gallery, New York City

By Jessica Holburn

“New York used to be a somewhere people came to make a difference. Now they seem to come here to be boring.” Words of lament from Kim Gordon, returning to her primordial love of art making post-Sonic Youth in a new solo show at 303 Gallery in Chelsea. Canvases displaying indecipherable slogans lay crumpled menacingly on the floor amidst manicured hedges, surrounded by glittery, draping canvases strewn across the walls. Gordon's means of transcending gentrification is by way of chimeric aesthetics that appear to the viewer to be on trend, only barely concealing an insidious banality beneath those shimmery surfaces.

Pride Week in New York made one more acutely aware of anything to do with rainbow bursts of colour. Greg Bogin’s show
Sunny Disposition at Marlborough Chelsea depicts saturated fluorescent colours in a strangely tenuous, industrialised kind of joy. And a notch further up in Chelsea on West 26th at Maxwell Davidson, a solo show titled Chromatic Transfiguration by Paris based Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, invites the spectator to move around his optical wall pieces and sculptures in order to witness transformations, or rather, vibrations of colour as they move around the work. This elucidates what Cruz-Diez calls his “plastic discourse”, seeking to create transitory moments of colour that are constantly coming into being, “without past or future, in a perpetual present.”

On the other end of the spectrum (and the other side of town) at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn, an exhibition curated by Walker Waugh features a series of unique glass plated portraits by Robyn Hasty. Classically composed depictions of cisgender, transgender, genderqueer and gender noncomformists are powerfully portrayed under the neutralising pronoun and exhibition title: Z. Such intimate and transgressive representations empower these subjects as they gaze at us defiantly while in recline mode, completely at ease with their own sense of self.

Kim Gordon, The City is a Garden, 303 Gallery Chelsea, West 24 Street, until July 25, 2015

Greg Bogin, Sunny Disposition, Marlborough Chelsea, West 25th Street, June 11 - July 11, 2015

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromatic Transfiguration, Maxwell Davidson Gallery, West 26th Street, May 28th - July 3rd, 2015

Robyn Hasty, Z, curated by Walker Waugh, Pioneer Works, Red Hook, Brooklyn, until July 17, 2015

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