Ngaio Lenz: Landscape Narratives - Art Collector

Ngaio Lenz, #65, 2015. Mixed media on canvas, 101 x 202cm. Courtesy: the artist and Gallerysmith, Melbourne

Informed by the natural processes of weather and time, cause and effect, Ngaio Lenz’ work celebrates the beauty of a well-worn surface and an aesthetic of imperfection. Organic forms emerge from a play on negative and positive space. These forms respond to the landscapes she is drawn to, where rocks and boulders teeter precariously, barely touching and almost defying gravity. The varied materials she uses are subjected to scraping, scratching, heat and abrasion, in a similar way in which the landscape is exposed to the elements. Lenz’ process is equally accidental and purposeful, intuitive and thoughtful. As layers are scratched and scraped back, a narrative and a sense of history is revealed.

Exhibition opens: 4-6pm Saturday 10 October 2015
Exhibition closes: 7 November 2015
Location: Gallerysmith, 170-174 Abbotsford St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Contact: 03 9329 1860
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