Nicholas Mangan: A World Undone - Art Collector

Nicholas Mangan, Matter Over Mined, 2012. C-print on cotton paper, 103 x 69cm, edition of 5. Courtesy: the artist and Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland

A World Undone sees Nicholas Mangan’s sculptural practice extends into film and photography. Described as a material storyteller, Mangan draws from both recent history and deep time to tease out narratives of the rise and fall of civilisations.

For the exhibition Mangan looks to Jack Hills, a remote area of Western Australia that is home to some of the oldest geological material on earth. The central work in
A World Undone is an eponymous film that captures crushed geological matter from Jack Hills in airborne flux. Mangan uses the film medium’s ability to protract time in order to examine the form of these dispersed primordial particles in detail. The exhibition is accompanied by a new essay by Melbourne-based writer Helen Hughes.

Opening: 6pm Thursday 18 October 2012
Exhibition closes: 17 November 2012
Location: Hopkinson Cundy, 1/1 Cross Street, Auckland NZ 1145
Contact: +64 9 551 1644

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