Nicola Loder: tourist #5: disappearing project 1 - 40 - Art Collector

Nicola Loder, 'tourist #5: disappearing project 1 – 40 no 8', 2011. Embroidery on muslin, 85 x 68cm.

The purpose of photography is largely to make things visible; Loder reverses this function using photographic information to capture on film objects and experiences that aren’t visible. She is inspired in part by her experiences teaching blind children photography.

For her upcoming exhibition Loder worked with a group of women in rural India – they embroidered her photographic images of people who had ‘disappeared’, adding their own interpretations and incorporating cultural patterns and iconography. The result is beautiful, complex hand-embroidered works signifying that which does not appear.

Loder is in the final stages of her PhD at Monash University

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Wednesday 14 March
Exhibition closes: 7 April 2012
Location: Helen Gory Galerie, 25 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran, VIC 3181
Contact: 03 9525 2808

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