Nicole Ruiz: Bird's Eye View - Art Collector

Nicole Ruiz, Who's a pretty boy then? Acrylic, ink and resin on canvas. Courtesy: the artist

Bird's Eye View is an exhibition in mixed media by Nicole Ruiz that explores beyond the physical beauty of Australian bird life. The works weave together recognisable features of these amazing creatures with symbolic patterning. In this, the artist attempts to tell a story of movement and also of similarity and diversity, tracing the path of the individual and of the flock. Each piece returns to a focal point - the bird’s eyes - which along with its wings for flight enable a perception of our world from a unique perspective.

Opening: 7pm Friday 2 November 2012
Exhibition closes: 14 November 2012
Location: HANG - Nicole Ruiz Gallery, 212 Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn NSW 2083
Contact: 0418 415 021

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