Nina Ross: Baby gestures - Art Collector

Nina Ross, Baby Gestures 2016. HD video. 16:9 - 4:57mins, edition of 3 + AP. Courtesy of The Artist and May Space, Sydney.

Baby gestures is a response to holding my sleeping child and trying to remove them from my body without waking. Exploring the performative gestures undertaken to not disturb them, the video uses self portraiture performance for the camera to enact the sometimes subtle and not so subtle bodily movements.

It is not until babies stop breastfeeding that they learn they are not part of their mother's body. This video seeks to represent the separation and individual entities in this close relationship.

Exhibition Opens: 3pm-5pm, Saturday 2 December 2017
Exhibition Closes: 23 December 2017
Location: MAY SPACE, 409b George Street, Waterloo NSW 2017
Contact: +61 2 9318 1122
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