Paint & pokerwork wins $35,000 landscape prize - Art Collector

Wendy Teakel, Black Soil Country, 2010. Acrylic, scorch marks & pokerwork on plywod, 144 x 120cm. Courtesy: the artist and Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne

5 October 2010 | Wendy Teakel has won the $35,000 Country Energy Art Prize for landscape painting.

“I have lived most of my life in rural Australia and my art addresses issues of sustainability through a focus on regional areas in New South Wales,” she explains.

Her work Black Soil Country, which combines painting and pokerwork on plywood, was selected by a judging panel that included artist Janet Laurence.

“The fieldwork for the painting Black Soil Country has an autobiographical component, building on my familiarity with farmed landscapes and the natural and human forces impacting on them. I investigated ways of representing the farmed landscape changed by both human usage and drought through experimentation with perspective – mapping scenes from an imagined aerial perspective, layering of different elements and materials. Innovations include the use of pokerwork; I scorch the surfaces of my two dimensional works with heated fencing wire.”

It’s the first win for Teakel, who has been a finalist in the Country Energy Art Prize on several occasions. She believes it is an important art prize because it “draws the gaze of the art world away from the main cities and coastal fringes and focuses on rural Australia”.

The finalist exhibition will be on view until 28 November 2010 at Port Macquarie’s Glasshouse Centre.

Jane O'Sullivan

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