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Courtesy: the artist and Papulankutja Artists, Western Australia

Papulankutja Artists was established in 2001 and incorporated in 2004.

The name Papulankutja has no direct translation, but means 'does not recognise. It comes from a traditional story about two Goanna brothers who go off travelling on their own. As they return they pass one another, but don’t recognise each other.

The centre services the Blackstone and Mantamaru communities, which are 70 kilometres apart, and the main language group of the artists is Ngaanyatjarra.

The centre is renowned for their Blackstone ladies, who made the Tjanpi Ute that once won the National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Awards.

Last October, the centre had a devastating fire and lost 90 per cent of their stock. Since then, the artists have been working hard painting important stories ready for the new gallery. The centre is expecting to have their new onsite gallery by the end of this year.

Current artists

  • Anmanari Brown
  • Jimmy Donegan
  • Narelle Holland
  • Thomas Reid
  • Angilyiya Mitchell
  • Elaine Lane
  • Walya Mitchell
  • Carlton Reid
  • Anawari Mitchell
  • Freda Lane
  • Misha Mclean
  • Belle Davidson
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Janet Lane
  • Barbara Lane
  • Robert Woods
  • Tjayanka Woods
  • Rosie Lane
  • Nora Davidson
  • Maimie Butler

Online shop

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Phone: 08 8956 7586
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