Parallel Sensitivity: Lin Ju and Chen Ching-Yuan - Art Collector

Chen Ching-Yuan, Film still from Staggering Matter, 2011. Three-channel video installation with sound, 67 min 51 sec. Courtesy: the artist and TKG+, Taipei

By Jason Chung Tang Yen

Is humor a luxury? When senses and information of time and location is uncertain, elements of unsettlement and confusion arise. Upon entering the dimmed basement where the first installment of a series of exhibitions titled《Plus 1》Lin Ju + Chen Ching-Yuan takes place, there’s a haunting effect as if residual fragments of lost memory and rubbles of time linger on in the atmosphere.

A polygonal shape pool and a table with two broken legs are present in the shadowy space, paintings by the two artists are in an odd harmony with each other as if they are communicating through shared criteria. Ideologies can be clearly identified once the audience finishes the 65-minute long three-channel video installation titled Staggering Matter (2011) by Ching-Yuan.

In Ching-Yuan’s film, mystery is combined with religious motifs, rituals and metaphors of how politics can be found in the purest forms. In other words, the artist successfully introduced a microcosm of society in an anonymous site that was hinted as a clandestine facility. In the beginning, the first part of the work had a subtitle: “Pregnancy”, Ching-Yuan challenges the meaning of life in a lyrical form of elegance that reflects a trace of contemporary surrealism.

Infused with great storytelling skills, Ching-Yuan’s hypnotic narrative includes an enigmatic disaster, a riddling kidnapping, fantastic stories, and dramatic interactions among people and objects with conversations that don’t entail logic. The residual effect of the triptych-like video work implies its religious connotations, with the use of the KMT flag and colors green and blue, the artist embedded visual clues.
Lin Ju, Sceptre of a Stranger, 2015. Oil, Carbonised board, 29.7 x 50.2cm. Courtesy: the artist and TKG+, Taipei

The ominous ambiance overflows into the rest of the show; the exhibition illustrates the definition of contemporaneity and interrogates the integrity of civilization in between boundaries and senses beyond reason and rationality. Lin Ju’s paintings of seemingly ceremonial objects or bones, even natural landscapes tie into the theme of the show, the enchanted realism of both Ju and Ching-Yuan’s works demonstrates a parallel sensitivity with inspirations from Taiwanese legends, dreams, Taoist symbols, political and historical events.

Ching-Yuan will show his latest series of works titled “Unravel” at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane as part of The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art from 21 November, which features 83 artists from 36 countries.

The exhibition《Plus 1》Lin Ju + Chen Ching-Yuan will be on view at TKG+ Taipei until 29 November 2015.

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