Patricia Moylan: Riveting and other views - Art Collector

Patricia Moylan, Riveting view 2, 2013, acrylic on reverse of Perspex. Courtesy: the artist and Watters Gallery, Sydney

Patricia Moylan paints on the reverse of Perspex. First applied are dots and squiggles that will become light on leaves, ripples on a pond, sunlight caught on a fence post and so on. By working in reverse of the usual way each layer becomes fixed and unalterable; each brush stroke builds Moylan's dots and squiggles into an entire landscape. These paintings draw the viewer into the depth of landscapes and the depth of imagination.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Wednesday 5 February 2014
Exhibition closes: 22 February 2014
Location: Watters Gallery, 109 Riley Street, East Sydney NSW 2010
Contact: 02 9331 2556

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