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19 December 2011 | Nearly Beloved is the first major publication on the work of sculptor Patricia Piccinini.

Written by art historian Helen McDonald, currently an honorary fellow at the University of Melbourne, the book discusses all of Piccinini’s most significant works, including the baby trucks, humanised scooters and mutant creatures. McDonald has broken the discussion up into five chapters centring on key themes in the work: paradox, genetic modification, motherhood, childhood and the everyday world.

“Although her art is principally an exploration of ambivalence, which obstructs judgement and complicates love, Piccinini’s art is infused with hope that these kinship ties and her affectionate characterisations will engender a sense of responsibility in today’s technological world,” McDonald writes.

Nearly Beloved, which has been released just in time for Christmas, is published by Piper Press.

Jane O'Sullivan

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