Patrick Grieve: A Wider View of the New Season 2017 - Art Collector

Patrick Grieve, Banded Field with Irises, Table Cape reflections on PHIV 2017, oil on linen, 137 x 137 cm. Image courtesy of Bett Gallery and the Artist.

“The patterns and colours of the farmed landscape are a strong influence. I think about art all the time. If you train your eyes to see what is really there, you will always see like an artist. I assume musician friends hear like a musician. My work is based on the landscape but is altered to make objects that have a life of their own. A good painting has its own energy that is not determined by subject alone. The land is everything in my work. I am currently looking at the clean shapes and colours of farmland on Lillicco Road near Forth.

“I will paint until I cannot do it anymore. What it will look like who knows. Change is constant just go with it. Apart from a select few people I do not care one little bit what people think of me or my paintings. Isolation is what you need at times but it can be a problem when trying to get your work seen by others of influence. Tasmania is a great place to be free to make art.

The chemicals in the solvents and paint will eventually do me in.”

Patrick Grieve.

Exhibition opens: Friday 17 March 2017 6-8pm
Exhibition closes: 3 April 2017
Location: 369 Elizabeth Street North Hobart
Phone: 03 6231 6511
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