Paul Gundry: Supernatural - Art Collector

Dazzle 2016 Oil on linen 30 x 45cm. Courtesy: the artist and Colville Gallery, Hobart

"I am looking to lend the work an inflection toward ideas that have long accompanied my work but which are perhaps only subtly apparent. I would like the viewer to come to regard the objects and structures – vehicles, dwellings, power-poles and wheelie-bins - of everyday suburbia as having a persona, like any other being. The paintings in this show are based on photos taken on a number of frosty mornings. In most of the pictures, the houses could be said to be ‘staring’ at the sun, but the nature of their gaze is somewhat vacant and enigmatic, prompting questions - was something taken, or received in the night, spirited away with the fog? In a sense, these paintings are portraits as much as suburban landscapes. There is nothing notably abnormal in my portrayals of suburbia - in fact everything most likely appears perfectly natural, as though there were really nothing to see. It is my intention that the excessive banality of the landscapes will only serve to heighten a sense of apprehension and curiosity. Is there something suspect or secretive in the unassuming and the everyday?

We also speak of photos that “look painted”, and as such, problematize any wish we may have to take reality for granted –which is to say that the reality we know is always already an artificial construct, and, in a sense, always already supernatural – and perception as a sort of stage-craft. The clear sunlight that Illuminates the suburbs on the characteristically cool and fog-laden mornings leave the subject of my pictures somewhere between clarity and obscurity, the fabulous and the mundane, the known and the mysterious, certainty and doubt."

- Paul Gundry, 2016

Paul Gundry is a painter who has previously won the Tasmanian Art Award and exhibited in numerous national awards including the Mossman and Paddington. His painterly works connect us with the poetry of the suburbs.

Exhibition opens: 5.30pm Friday 2 September 2016
Exhibition closes: 16 September 2016
Location: Colville Gallery, 91A Salamanca Place, Hobart TAS 7000
Contact: 03 6224 4088
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