Paula do Prado: Odalisque - Art Collector

Paula do Prado, She’s Worth her Weight in Gold , 2014. Watercolour , hand beading, embroidery and fabric appliqué on digital prints on archival photo paper, unique state, 51x 41cm. Courtesy: the artist and Gallerysmith, Melbourne

This exhibition continues Paula do Prado’s exploration of identity and authenticity through self-portraits that interrogate racial, cultural and gender stereotypes. Her particular interest is with representations of the brown female body, the ‘mulatta’ or ‘jezebel’, the half caste of ambiguous origin whose outward appearance defies easy ethnic classification.

This body of work engages with Orientalist images, particularly those by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Paul Gauguin. Images by these artists have been taken from art books, catalogues and gallery guides. The process of collaging with these images allows the artist to re-mix and re-frame orientalist themes with a focus on the Odalisque variously depicted as a female slave, attendant or concubine. Often these images of the Odalisque were entirely imagined, Matisse for example created sets in his studio in Paris using distinctively white western female models in ‘Orientalist’ costume.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Friday 13 June 2014
Exhibition closes: 19 July 2014
Location: Gallerysmith, 170-174 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne

Contact: 03 9329 1860

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