Peter Cameron: Off Track - Art Collector

Peter Cameron, Off Track 5, 2012. Oil on paper on polyester canvas, 56 x 71cm

This title describes the methodology used to develop images. I make my way by listening to and exploring particular senses, rather than by following well known paths. I find the Australian landscape a subject that's profoundly complex and provocative. Ever since high school, painting has been a primary tool for investigation into this physical world; the processes have also pulled me towards areas of ontology and phenomenology. Study of one area helps inform the others. I like it when many more questions than answers arise as it's indicative of spaces that are open, energetic.

The series is highly influenced by the elements of air and water, being worked from a bright studio space perched birdlike on a cliff face with expansive views across the Pacific coastline. Also appearing are references to the flat bed of Lake Mungo, the site of the previous series of work. Lately this area has been much affected by ongoing heavy rain. There are similarities in these 'scapes of the long expanses to the horizon and huge skies but where one is usually very dry, hot and dusty the other is fully fluid.

Opening: 6-8pm Thursday 10 May
Exhibition closes: 27 May 2012
Location: Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, 59 Flinders Street, Surry Hills 2010
Contact: 02 9357 5988

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