Peter Daverington: Surface Zero - Art Collector

Peter Daverington, ‘Wall Street’, 2018. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 198 x 152cm. Courtesy the artist and ARC ONE Gallery, Melbourne.

New York-based Australian artist Peter Daverington returns to ARC ONE with an exhibition of new paintings, titled ‘Surface Zero’.

A contemporary artist with a rare mastery of oil techniques, Daverington’s practice centres on his unparalleled capacity to work across a wide range of pictorial languages and artistic styles. With a foundation in graffiti and street art, his oeuvre critically engages with legacies of Western art history from a contemporary context; seamlessly integrating a vast array of disparate images, styles and references in an aesthetic maximalism relevant to our time.

In ‘Surface Zero’, Daverington forces together opposing attitudes in art to consider the potential of images as zones of conflict. A clash of viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives plays out across his layered canvases as hard-edge abstraction, classical figuration and Romantic landscape painting are severely juxtaposed in a heady aesthetic mélange.

‘Surface Zero’ is a disaster point of explosive force. Landscapes by the great Hudson River School painter Albert Bierstadt, and figurative works by the Flemish Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens, have been deftly appropriated, with the brushwork, colour, and technique reflecting the originals as closely as possible. Bright, geometric, hard-edge line work interrupts these representational paintings creating a tension within the pictorial space between formalism and figuration. For Daverington, this interlocking of clashing styles is “a reflection on 21st century disorientation,” it is “like looking at life from multiple viewpoints simultaneously – whether different points in history, different cultures, different perspectives and so on. I like the stark contrasts of life, the very natural struggle between viewpoints and opinions. The only way I can express this is by trying to compress a wide range of pictorial languages to capture the bewildering spectacles of being human and of life itself.”

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Wednesday 10 October 2018
Exhibition closes: 10 November 2018
Location: ARC ONE GALLERY, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC
Phone: +61 3 9650 0589


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