Piccinini finds success in New York - Art Collector

28 September 2010 | Patricia Piccinini’s current exhibition in New York is garnering favourable reviews. The exhibition Not as we know it is being staged with Haunch of Venison and includes the 2008 work The Stags as well as the more recent Balsana, which features a young girl in the yoga position known as the child’s pose with a wallaby resting on her back.

In a review for ArtInfo, the New York-based critic Andrew Russeth writes: “Creating work that resides between art and science, aesthetics and genetics, Piccinini is finding fecund territory in deeply unfashionable areas of visual culture.”

It is Piccinini’s first exhibition with Haunch of Venison, a multi-national heavyweight with galleries in Berlin, New York, Zürich and London that is known for working with internationally regarded artists including Jitish Kallat, Bill Viola, Nathan Coley, Tony Cragg, Ed & Nancy Kienholz and James Rosenquist.

Not as we know it continues until 30 October 2010.

Jane O'Sullivan

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