Polished eggs win McClelland people's choice award - Art Collector

21 June 2011 | Melbourne-based sculptor Matthew Harding has won the $20,000 people’s choice award in the McClelland Sculpture Survey.

His work, Primordial, consists of two large highly-polished stainless steel eggs nestled in a bush setting. Their curved mirror surface reflects both the viewer and the surrounding bush.

Harding was drawing on the ancient Greek myth of Nyx, the goddess of the night who, in the chaos and darkness of primordial times, laid a silver egg from which hatched Eros hatched and set in motion, with his golden wings, the creation of the universe.

Robert Lindsay, director of Victoria’s McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park, notes: ‘An additional aspect of Matthew Harding’s work, besides the superb craftsmanship – they are beautiful objects – is his use of reflected images which involved the viewer visually as well as symbolically, reminding us that we are part of the forces that shape the future destiny of the universe.

“Matthew, like many of the artists in this survey, has addressed issues of climate change and human intervention as well as the need to take responsibility of our actions in the context of the world environment.”

The sculpture survey, a biennial event, opened in November 2010 and has attracted over 70,000 visitors, a record for McClelland which usually has an annual attendance figure of 130,000.

The survey will close on 17 July 2011.

Jane O'Sullivan

Above: Matthew Harding's Primordial.

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