Polly Borland: Not Good at Human - Art Collector

Head 2016, Archival pigment print. 100 x 80cm. Edition of 3 + 2AP. Courtesy: the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf, Zetland

Borland wants things to be difficult to look at – her photographs are contradictorily beautiful and disturbing – reminiscent of traditional portraiture with a nod to the surreal. Borland’s work displays a fascination with people, exploring private questions of identity from the inside out, and turning her lens on the complex and ineffable. Experiencing these images is at once deeply engaging and somewhat repelling, it’s as though Borland has exposed our deepest self-doubts for all to see. This series was initially a project with her teenage son Louie, after moving to LA. Borland says:

Louie was 13 when we started making the photographs two years ago, and I thought we’d continue until he was 18. Then we would go through all the photos and let him work out which photos were ok for a book. Eventually I realised that there was a show in that body of work. For this exhibition I’ve done a lot of experimentation – there are tapestries, lenticular prints, collages and an image that I’ve drawn on as well as a number of photographs. All of the works are portraits of Louie - but like many of my past series, the subject is more or less unrecognisable. I also started seeing similarities between photos I had taken of Louie, and photos I had taken for the series Bunny [2008]. So I started combining photos of Gwen [from the Bunny series] with some of the photos of Louie – for the show these became 3 lenticular prints.

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 26 Novmber 2016
Exhibition closes: 23 December 2016
Location: Sullivan + Strumpf, 799 Elizabeth Street, Zetland NSW 2017
Contact: 02 9698 4696
Email: art@sullivanstrumpf.com
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