Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre - Art Collector

Sid Bruce, Short Joe, 2015. Etching. Courtesy: the artists and Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre

Porpuraaw Art & Culture Centre was established in 2010 as a centre to share culture – visualising stories and totems through unique artistic practices. The word Pormpuraaw means entrance way to a house in Mungkan and Thaayorre language.

The arts organisation is located on the coast of far north Queensland in the remote community of Pormpuraaw. Due to the town’s close proximity to the Sea of Carpentaria, Pormpuraaw becomes an island during the wet season (January to April). Unsurprisingly, the community’s totems are the crocodile and barramundi.

The centre supports a community of talented artists and cultural people while representing and working with a core group of artists. The practice of the Pormpuraaw artists is exemplified by their use of found and discarded objects, primarily abandoned fishing nets, woven into sculptures and objects of varying sizes. Pormpuraaw artists are predominantly known for their ghost net weaving work, though they also practice carving, painting and printmaking.

The cultural centre offers many programs to the community of Pormpuraaw, coordinating public art projects and art classes, in the effort to increase youth engagement with visual arts.

There are several important emerging artists working at Pormpuraaw Arts & Culture Centre, with four recent works purchased by the Australian Museum as part of a permanent display.

Current artists

  • Elliot Koonutta
  • Christine Holroyd
  • Jeanie Holroyd
  • Marlene Holroyd
  • Sid Bruce Short Joe
  • Saun Short Joe
  • Steven Kepper
  • Eric Norman
  • Michael Norman

Commercial gallery partners

  • Canopy Art Centre, QLD,
  • Tali Gallery, NSW
  • Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, QLD

Access information

Pompuraaw is a remote community located approximately 700 kilometres from Cairns. Road access is closed for four or five months a year due to the wet season - a good truck with decent road clearance is recommended. There are four flights a week offered by Sky Trans.

Pormpuraaw Art and Culture Centre Incorporated
2 Thinarrin Street
Pompuraaw QLD 4871

07 4060 4085