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HECTOR BURTON , WILLY KAIKA BURTON and JIMMY DONEGAN, Anumara Tjukurpa, 2014. Synthetic polymer paint on linen, 196 x 197cm. Courtesy: the artist and Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

This exhibition features major artworks by important Australian and international artists with impeccable provenance. Curated by Alcaston Gallery Director Beverly Knight, each artwork has had the added prestige of being selected by critical appraisers to have been previously featured in significant museum exhibitions and art prizes.

Provenance in the world of fine art and art collecting is arguably the most important and valuable aspect of information, the consequences of which have played out very publically in recent times, when provenance is lacking, causing accusation, innuendo or simply false documentation. It is an essential tool for any serious collector, curator, institution, and fundamental for the reputation and success of auction houses or re-sellers.

Throughout history, problematic art has long been a factor to consider for collectors as notions of increasing value and trading came into play. Provenance and authentication became a cornerstone of academic heritage and commercial exchange. "Such scholarship should continue to be championed as the utmost importance for collectors and institutional acquisition." - Prof. Robyn Sloggett

The exhibition features important artworks by artists including:

Hector Burton
Willy Kaika Burton
Jimmy Donegan
Jaye Early
Emily Ngarnal Evans
Fred Fowler
Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori
Willie Gudabi
The Hermannsburg Potters
Naomi Hobson
Judy Holding
Tjungkara Ken
Shirley Macnamara
Karen Mills
Claudia Moodoonuthi
Ginger Riley Munduwalawala
Guykuda Mununggurr
Eubena Nampitjin
Greg Semu
Dean Smith
Angela Tiatia
Lucy Yukenbarri

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 6 April 2016
Exhibition closes: 30 April 2016
Location: Alcaston Gallery, 11 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Contact: 03 9418 6444

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