Prudence Flint: Bedsit - Art Collector

Matthew Browne, Sonder 17 2017. Vinyl tempera & oil on linen. 47 x 65cm. Courtesy of The Artist and OrexArt, Auckland.

Prudence Flint is known for her paintings of female figures in psychologically charged environments, enveloped by fields of colour and light. We are looking in on an intimate world of focus and intent.
Flint draws out tensions between the figure’s pose, the paintings’ flat expanses of colour, and each articulated detail. Her works create an interplay between the objects of everyday life—bedside tables, candles, bottles, shadows, flowing water —and the forces exerted by the painterly qualities of the pictures themselves.

Prudence’s new works are inspired by seeing the early northern biblical paintings of Hans Memling and Gerard David at the MET. ‘I admire the interior scenes where painted flesh, fabric, water, light, and colour radiate a transformative ecstatic atmosphere. Looking at these paintings evokes in me a sense of wonder and vibrant consciousness.’

Exhibition Opens: 6pm-8pm, Tuesday 14 November 2017
Exhibition Closes: 3 December 2017
Location: Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Contact: +61 2 9360 5177
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