Richard Lewer: Getting to know you - Art Collector

Richard Lewer, Koda, 2017, Enamel on oil primed canvas, 720 x 720 mm. Courtesy the artist and {Suite}, Wellington.

Getting to Know You is a series of portraits of people the artist has seen regularly for the past 5 years through an association with boxing. Despite spending significant time together, Lewer never had an opportunity to really study these individuals. Removing them from their usual sporting context has allowed this study to take place.

The portraits are painted in enamel, an unpredictable medium, often requiring a certain temperament and physicality. The painting process involved iterations of layering and wiping, initially to remove any obvious physical features and then to strip back distractions of clothing and backgrounds directing the focus to the sitter.

Exhibition Opens: 5.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 21 February 2018
Exhibition Closes: 10 March 2018
Location: 241-243 Cuba Street, Wellington New Zealand
Contact: +64 4 976 7663

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