Raphaela Rosella: You didn't take away my future, you gave me a new one - Art Collector

Raphaela Rosella, Rorrow, 2012. Courtesy: the artist and Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane

The social stigma surrounding teenage pregnancy is well known and perpetuated in Australian society. However this stigma fails to take into account the complex individual circumstances of disadvantaged teenage mothers. Raphaela Rosella’s work delves into the complex issues faced by three young mothers - Nunjul, Tammara and Rowrow. It presents a possibility that the decisions made by these mothers are a rational conclusion by women whose choices and opportunities are stunted by the society they live in.

These works do not make a moral judgement; rather, they allow the voice of these women to be heard and an opportunity for the viewer to consider the validity of their judgement. Rosella’s work persuades us that a variety of social factors influence what motherhood is by challenging the socially constructed ideal of motherhood.

Opening: 5pm Saturday 8 June 2013
Exhibition closes: 7 July 2013
Location: Queensland Centre for Photography, 32 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Contact: 07 3844 1101
Email: admin@qcp.org.au

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