Rebecca Frogley: Everything is possible except that which is deemed impossible by the nature of things - Art Collector

  Rebecca Frogley, Invisible Field, 2014. Digital print (ed. 3), 112.5 x 90cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sanderson Contemporary Art.

“Perhaps if gravity were just slightly stronger, it would halt the expansion of the universe to collapse into itself, until it compressed down to something so infinitesimal, so spatially unassuming, that it almost ceased to exist. Or if for simply an instant it lessened, a momentary fault like an unexpectedly dropped glass, the universe would race away from itself. It would become inert, endless, essentially empty. Pitched perfectly, our current gravitational pull hold our natural world together at precisely the right values.”

Exhibition opens: 5.30pm Tuesday 25 August 2015
Exhibition closes: 13 September 2015
Location: Sanderson Contemporary Art, 2-4 Kent Street Auckland New Zealand 1023

Contact: +62 9520 0501

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