Revealing Identity: The Collections of La Trobe University - Art Collector

Juan Ford, From Grave to Cradle, 2008. Oil on linen. Courtesy of the artist, La Trobe University Collection and Dianne Tanzer + THIS IS NO FANTASY, Melbourne.

In celebration of the 50th year of La Trobe University, Revealing Identity takes a sweeping look through the vast university collections. Featuring iconic works by Australia’s most recognised artists, ethnographic treasures, teaching and archival resources, this exhibition delves into the stories behind acquisitions and reveals the rich resource of materials collected over the course of the university’s life.

The way in which the various collections of art, artefacts and resources have developed tells a fascinating story about Australian art, the university’s collection and educational approach, and the importance that cultural materials play in the lives of our learning environments.

Exhibition opens: Saturday 24 June 2017
Exhibition closes: 3 September 2017
Location: Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo, VIC
Contact: +61 3 5434 6088

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