Richard Dunlop & Alyra Bartasek: Body Parts - Art Collector

Richard Dunlop, Miranda's favourite balancing trick, oil on linen, 180 x 120cm. Courtsey: the artist, and James Makin Gallery, Melbourne

This is an exhibition which is historic for multiple reasons. Richard is a regular exhibitor at James Makin Gallery, but some of these particular works have never been exhibited in Melbourne, and elsewhere not for up to two decades. It is expected that they will appeal to the serious private or institutional collector. Each work reveals the emergence of Richard’s subsequent abiding themes and features his characteristic building up of the surface of each painting with jewel-like qualities, sophisticated paint-handling and exquisite depth and detail.

Bartasek was a 2014 finalist in the National Contemporary Jewellery Award and winner of the Huski Award. While Richard deals with the external body as a vessel for declaring values through the permanent marks of tattoos, Bartasek’s wearable objects highlight the potential forms of the voids within our bodies. Momentary interiorised events such as the breaths we take or the subtle movement within orifices such as an ear canal are captured in solid and permanent form using precious materials to be worn externally.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Thursday 9 April 2015
Exhibition closes: 25 April 2015
Location:   James Makin Gallery, 67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Contact: 03 9416 3966

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