Robert Ryan: The Delicate Nature Of Balance - Art Collector

Robert Ryan, Communication Towers. Oil on paper 42 x 38cm

A rich synthesis of cross-cultural pictorial traditions, Ryan's imagery is less descriptive than archetypal. Sumptuous detail brims with visual and conceptual intent. Although his visual repertoire was perhaps initially inspired by the traditions and tribal motifs he encountered in remote island villages during 'surfing safaris', his exquisitely stylized figures, creatures, plants and patterns are now most emphatically of his own invention. In lively networks Ryan presents a micro-macroscopic world in which nature and human existence are inextricably linked.

Opening:6-9pm Saturday 23 June
Exhibition closes: 7 July 2012
Location: Anthea Polson Art , 18-20 Mariners Cove Seaworld Drive Main Beach
Contact: 07 5561 1166

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