Roberta Thornley: Round and round - Art Collector

Roberta Thornley, Tissue, 2015. Inkjet photograph on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 67 x 100cm. Ed: 5 + 2 AP. Courtesy: the artist and Tim Melville Gallery

"I circle the garden collecting and creating relics of the present and the past. Round and Round.

Tissues kept from a moment when the tears would not stop.

A balloon, with a hand print floating low through the dark bush.

A garden hose tied in a true lovers' knot.

A forget-me-not with its heart ripped out.

The garden below my studio is used by local children. With these photographs I circled and explored a world that they seem to have constructed. Sometimes I would see bushes and foliage hacked off at the knees ... scalps of leaves lying on the ground … and wondered whether the garden had become more violent since I started working there. I’ve still never seen these children after months in the house. I’ve heard their voices. But I’ve never seen them.

The cycle of growth, death, decay, and rebirth is tied up in these images. It's a type of reincarnation. And it's an assurance to me that life continues after death. The rhythm and hum of nature goes on and on and on. Round and Round." - Roberta Thornley, 2015

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Tuesday 17 November 2015
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Grey Lynn, Auckland NZ
Contact: +64 9 520 5891
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