Roberta Thornley and Heather Straka: Boys Don't Cry - Art Collector

Heather Straka, Teamwork. Courtesy: the artist and Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland

Heather Straka’s photographs, made at the very south of New Zealand’s South Island during the William Hodges Residency in Invercargill, toy with the stereotypical notion of huntin’-shootin’-fishin’ Southern Man.

Questioning notions of masculinity, sexuality and realism Straka layers a Riefenstahl-esque sensibility onto meticulously staged tableaux of handsome ‘hunters’ with their ‘kill’.

Roberta Thornley’s photographs, like those of Straka, are carefully constructed and carefully lit. With their chiaroscuro lighting effects and allusions to antique sculpture, her works have been described as ‘filmic’ and as having a ‘silent stillness’ rich with narrative possibility.

Straka and Thornley present a contemporary female gaze upon men on the brink of adulthood.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Tuesday 4 March 2014
Exhibition closes: 29 March 2014
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 11 McColl Street, Newmarket Auckland 1023
Contact: +64 9 520 5891

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