Rochelle Haley: Dead Precious - Art Collector

Rochelle Haley, Bird on a Rock, 2012. Watercolour on paper, 24 x 19 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Galerie pompom.

Dead Precious is a series of highly detailed watercolours that describe imaginative couplings of animal skeletons and precious stones. The relationship between the gems and bones is ambiguous and intriguing – relating to the tradition of Natural History painting without becoming referential. Despite the detail, the paintings say less about the form and geometry of faceted stones and more on the play of light. The medium of watercolour supports the playfulness of pigment buoyant in water, much like the scintillating liveliness of light on water or refracted through diamonds themselves.

Opening: 6pm, Tuesday 28 August 2012
Exhibition closes: 22 September 2012
Location: Galerie pompom, 2/39 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale 2008
Contact: 0430 318 438

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