Rohan Hartley Mills: Jazz Plastic - Art Collector

Rohan Hartley Mills, ‘Plastic Works VI’, 2018. Corflute and acrylic construction, 45.5 x 25.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Two Rooms, Auckland.

  ‘Jazz Plastic’ presents an exhibition of paintings on paper and painted constructions by Melbourne-based artist Rohan Hartley Mills. The title refers to the material plasticity of paint, alongside Neoplasticism and its promotion of pure abstraction. It also refers to the improvisatory impulse underpinning both jazz and gestural abstraction, where musical notes or brushstrokes are often made in immediate response to their predecessor, echoed in the way Bebop paralleled the rise of Abstract Expressionism.

Similarly, Mills’ works exhibit an open-ended, unfolding quality. As both a fan and a critic of painting, his spontaneous strategies deconstruct its traditions and materials while testing new ways in which painting might operate.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 31 January 2019
Exhibition closes: 2 March 2019
Location: Two Rooms, 16 Putiki St Auckland NZ
Phone: + 61 9360 5900


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