Rona Green: Champagne Taste and Lemonade Pockets - Art Collector

Rona Green, McGoohan, 2015. Hand coloured linocut. Courtesy of the artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

Tattoos, science fiction, B-grade movies and secret societies; this is the fodder of Rona Green. Champagne Taste and Lemonade Pockets presents a menagerie of identities drawn from the last decade of Green’s printmaking practice.

Adorned with the tattoos and uniforms of archetypal gangsters, urban legends and ‘Aussie’ stereotypes, Green creates a fantastical world where dogs postulate as stand over men, cats become villainous masterminds and rabbits are fierce cyber warriors. Funny, charming and habitually disturbing, Green’s work highlights the link between social and cultural identity and matters of power, value systems, and ideology.

Exhibition opens: Saturday 24 June 2017
Exhibition closes: 3 September 2017
Location: Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo, VIC
Contact: +61 3 5434 6088

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