Ross Manning wins the Churchie - Art Collector

18 July 2011 | Brisbane’s Ross Manning has won the 2011 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize.

Manning, who was curated into
Primavera at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2009, was selected for a hanging installation titled Dissonant Rhythm for Drums, which uses drums, electronics and rope.

This year Museum of Old and New Art curator Nicole Durling selected the winner of the $15,000 prize.

Simon Wright, director of the Griffith University Art Gallery which is hosting the award exhibition, says that over the past few decades he’d seen a number of artists working with kinetic sculpture.

“What Ross has accomplished with his work is a piece that not only moves, but one that plays itself. It’s a crossover work where sculpture, installation, noise and performance all meld seamlessly, without the artist needing to be physically present,” Wright notes.

“His work generates improvised passages of play that are never quite the same, and a sensor on the ceiling picks up the presence of the viewer and starts two motors that are connected by a rope that whirls into tight loops. These loops simultaneously hit the tops of drums, cymbals and a fork set up on the floor.”

The award exhibition continues at the Griffith University Art Gallery until 14 August 2011. Also featured in the exhibition are Simone Eisler, Adam Lee and Catherine Sagin, whose entries were all highly commended.

Jane O'Sullivan

Above: Ross Manning, Dissonant Rhythm for drums. Courtesy: the artist

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