Russ Flatt: Nationals - Art Collector

Courtesy: the artist and Tim Melville Gallery

There is a space beside the skating rink where competitive skaters wait for their scores. This space, the ‘Kiss and Cry’, is a makeshift photographic and television studio where competitors position themselves - often still breathless from an athletic performance - in front of an official backdrop and artificial lights. It is here, as the suspense builds and the results are announced, that their facial expressions and body language are scrutinised by their audience.

In 'Nationals', photographer Russ Flatt re-imagines his 1980s adolescent experience as a competitive roller skater.

Flatt’s carefully staged photographs are tender, "personal as political” explorations of identity and gender. They not only celebrate diverse ways of being in the world but also, as Ron Brownson (Senior Curator NZ&Pacific Art, Auckland Art Gallery) observes, “… testify to how we may imaginatively recover our past."

Russ Flatt graduated from Auckland University’s Elam School of Fine Arts in 2013. 'Nationals' is his first exhibition at Tim Melville.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Tuesday 18 August 2015
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Newton, Auckland NZ
Contact: +64 9 520 5891

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