Ruth Thomas-Edmond: Smells like pink - Art Collector

Ruth Thomas-Edmond, 'Sky is purple', 2018. Recycled cardboard and plastic, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Bartley + Company Art, Wellington.

  Joyous contradictions lie at the heart of Ruth Thomas-Edmond’s new exhibition Smells like Pink. Here we have art wanting to take us for a walk in some imaginary urban park where brutalist architecture meets unrestrainedly fecund nature. This is not the purity of mid-20th century high art abstraction but the creation of form as a way of being in the world which encompasses all the sensory contradictoriness of that experience.

Exhibition opens: 4.30-7.30pm, Wednesday 12 September 2018
Exhibition closes: 6 October 2018
Location: Bartley + Company Art, 56A Ghuznee St, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 802 4622


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