SafARI reveals its 2016 selection - Art Collector

Peter Nelson, Grottspace, 2015. Screenshot from development of a virtual art gallery. Courtesy: the artist and SafARI

SafARI in Sydney, heralded as the unofficial fringe exhibition to the Biennale of Sydney has announced the 27 emerging and unrepresented Australian artists chosen for its next installment.

The SafARI artists for 2016 are:

• Peter Nelson (NSW)
• Sophie Clague (NSW)
• Jesse Dyer (VIC)
• Grace Blake and Danny Wild (ACT)
• Anna Madeleine (NSW)
• Amalia Mayor (NSW)
• Hana Hoogedeure (NSW)
• Tamara Kohler (VIC)
• Jamie Lewis (VIC)
• Emily O’Connor (NSW)
• Akira and Nathan Lasker (NSW)
• Dominic Kirkwood (NSW)
• Danielle Zorbas (NSW)
• Catherine Clayton-Smith (NSW)
• Eloise Kirk (NSW)
• Ben Chadbond (NSW)
• David Attwood (WA)
• Philippe Vranjes (VIC)
• Sarah Poulgrain and Llewellyn Millhouse (QLD)
• Claudia Nicholson (NSW)
• Jana Hawkins-Andersen (NSW)
• Matthew Linde (VIC)
• Angela Garrick (NSW)
• Guillaume Savy (VIC)
• Katie Green and Undrawing the Line (NSW)
• Megan Clune and Angela Goh (Tiger Tiger) (NSW)
• Megan Hales (VIC)

SarfARI is is a ‘zeitgeist’ driven festival timed to coincide with the first opening weeks of the Biennale of Sydney. Since 2004, SafARI has maintained a direct link with ARIs and other independent creative practitioners across Australia.

Of the upcoming exhibition, co-curator Sophie Kitson says, “SafARI 2016 promises to be the most exciting version yet. We are working with some of the most engaged and interested emerging practitioners within Australia, and it is with great pleasure we can present their work around Sydney in March next year..."

Previous chosen artists include Paul Williams, Tom Polo, Liam Benson and Lucas Grogan. SafARI 2016 will feature a series of events and exhibitions across Sydney between 11 - 26 March 2016.

Jessa Melicor

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