Salome Tanuvasa: In a Midnight Hour - Art Collector

Salome Tanuvasa, ‘Untitled’, 2018. Marker pen on paper, 117 x 84cm. Courtesy: the artist and Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland.

Tim Melville Gallery presents ‘In a Midnight Hour’, Salome Tanuvasa’s first solo exhibition, comprising a vibrantly coloured suite of works on paper together with a series of draped calico wall sculptures.

Dr. Peter Shand writes: “Privacy, intimacy and introspection coalesce in the notion and experience of quietude. Quietude: a sort of hovering stillness; an in-between state of calm or repose; a moment of renewed or recalibrated alertness; a space of reflection; a period of concentration; an opportunity for particular activity. ‘A midnight hour’, you might say. A midnight hour in which a warm, full darkness allows for thoughts, feelings, actions, considerations or possibilities that might otherwise shrink away from our capacity to experience them. A midnight hour in which we discover some part of ourselves more fully while simultaneously recognising that the self of another time is only partial, never entire.

It is an hour that serves as both a partial metaphor of Salome Tanuvasa’s practice and an almost literal expression of when (and maybe how) she practises. She does work predominantly at night and often late at night. The spaces of that work are contained but exist within her home. Her materials reveal restraint and reflect the conditions in which she works; they are predominantly domestic in scale, they lack for extravagance or expense and they seem ready to hand. The physical and temporal concentration of her practice and art are in line with an assertive quietude: steady, determined, focused.”

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Tuesday 18 September 2018
Exhibition closes: 13 October 2018
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Newton Auckland NZ
Phone: +64 9 378 1500


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